Weight Loss Plans

Select the plan that is right for you.We believe in 'transparent pricing' to answer all of your questions up front! 

Basic Plan          New Patient  Summer Startup  Only $75  Regularly $85.                                                                             Each Month After That,
 Still Just $65./ Mo.
   Our most popular medical weight loss plan, The Basic, includes: Your Doctors visit, nutritional planning, one month of appetite suppressants & free weigh-ins. Everything you need to get started! 
   Once you have begun, your month includes a 2 week check-in to make sure you are on track with your plan, and that you are seeing results!
    We are DIFFERENT because we work with you closely to craft a nutritional plan that gets you to your goals while fitting into your day. While you are using the appetite suppressants is a great time for you to charge your metabolism and fat burning with a high protein approach, or NEW, the 16:8 Protocol.

At all times the personal service we are known for delivers to you:
             1) A plan that's made for you personally
             2) Continued accountability and motivation
             3) Proof to YOURSELF that you CAN do it!
Do it together! The Family Plan gets you and a partner month one startup of the Basic Plan: Special $130. for two !

Lipovite-B12 Jumpstart        Back to School Special  Only $ 125. full month
   The Jumpstart plan is your Basic medical weight loss plan PLUS two injections weekly, Lipovite and B-12 (total 8 injections). The Jumpstart plan adds a full month of the Lipotropic compounds (weight loss shots) you need to fully metabolize body fat while on your Basic plan.
This is THE LOWEST PRICE IN ATLANTA for these specially compounded Amino Acid fat burner and B vitamin injections.

Click Here For Lipovite & B12 Information
 Plan For Your Success
   Since starting right here in Hiram in 2009, our years of experience in weight loss has guided us to develop an effective and quick approach to medical weight loss success that includes: one-on-one nutritional planning with the Doctor and creating a plan that fits your daily life. We are NOT a chain or franchise, and our individual approach is divided into 3 Phases.

   This starting point is designed to get you losing the most weight quickly. 
When the combination of medication and nutritional plan is new to your metabolism, it can have the greatest effect. Having a clear, easy-to-follow plan is key, having accountability and all your questions answered is just as important.
   We help you focus on the things that are the foundation for your success: getting consistent with the new plan, and working with us closely in the beginning weeks to make sure you are on track! 

   This is where you transition fom the Intensive Phase to a more "everyday" nutritional plan, while still using the tools of Medical Weight Loss.
   This Phase keeps your metabolism up, but allows you a wider range of food options while still losing weight.

  Re-gaining lost weight is always a concern. The Lifestyle or "maintenance" Phase is crucial to keep the weight from coming back. 
Before you "leave the nest" we create your long term nutritional plan, including using natural supplements. These can  improve body function more effectively, now that you are at a more healthy weight.

*Lipovite and B-12 are available but not included in the HEALTHY WEIGHT PLAN. Lipobiotic, Lipocleanse and D3 are included in this plan.

THIS SITE IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE. Photos for illustration only, your results may vary. Please consult your personal physician before starting any weight loss routines. Medications prescribed only to those who qualify under current medical guidelines.